Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week of May 24- SOL Testing and End of Year Items

Kudos and To Do's
It's hard to believe SOL testing is in full swing! Thanks to all of you for working so hard with our students. Students are feeling good going into their tests!  Big ups to our P.E. Staff for organizing our Field Day.  They are planning some great activities for the entire school. 

Thanks for making sure that you are in the halls during class changes. Our students are doing well however, we need to make sure that students are safe during this time of year. Also a reminder, please be sure your students are traveling quietly through the halls during testing.

This year you will not receive hard copies of the end of year packets.  You will recieve an electronic file and a hard copy of the signature sheet. The file will be emailed to you early this week with specific directions.  I am using Google Docs for the six forms you need to complete. Three of the six forms are below.  The other three forms will be emailed to you this week.

Please complete these three forms by June 4. Mrs. Granby will monitor their completion:
Committee Club Request

Class Repair Form

Continue Stop and Start Form 
( You must send Mrs. Granby and email when you have completed the continue, stop,start form)

Instructional Focus
There are 50 million different things that our students can do during the last few weeks of school--even during testing week (besides watching videos, crossword puzzles and coloring).  Here is a link to a great site for end of the year activities:

End of the Year Activities

Have an idea? Post it to this wall wisher:

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